Freezing up, feeling anxiety, panic or overwhelm are all really common, and really uncomfortable experiences. 

I created this course for everyone who is feeling overwhelmed right now, and maybe judging themselves for how they feel. This course is gives you a simple, no-frills, basic run down of how your nervous system functions, and a some exercises to practice that will  help you shift out of discomfort, so that you can feel calm when you want to be, and mobilized when you need to be. 

Much of your nervous system is automatic and involuntary. You can't control how it works, but you can learn to work with it to bring peace and calm.

What is included:

  • A 40 minute audo run-down of your neruo-biology and how it is affected by relationships and life events. 
  • Exercises you can use whenever you are too overwhelmed to cope.
  • Exercises to help you cultivate a sense of safety, when-ever, where-ever. 
  • Exercises you can use to 'build-up" your resilience in good times.
  • Acupressure and Qi Gong exercises for building resilience and calming you down. 
  • Loads of resources about futher learning and reading you may want to do. 
In this class we discuss poly-vagal theory, attachment theory, trauma resolution and mindfulness

Don't know what those are? No worries!! They are just fancy ways of talking about what we all want to be feeling right now: safe, soothed, calm and resilient. 

About Allison Carr

Hi, Nice to meet you. I'm an Acupuncturist living in the interior of Alaska, on the traditional territories of the Tanana Dene peoples. I've been in private practice for over 10 years now with a specialty in emotional regulation and trauma resolution. 

I created this course because I wanted to bring together the info and exercises I have found most helpful in my own journey towards healing. 

In this course I've complied the pertinant info that I wish I would have known when I first started unpacking my own nervous system disregulation. This course is also full of the things I find myself most often explaining to my patients. 

Here is what we cover: 

Lesson One: The Big Picture
This lesson details how your autonomic nervous system works. Learn why your body has involuntary triggers to certain stressors, learn how trauma can get stuck in your body, and learn how your personal relationships can either make those things better, or worse. 

Lesson Two: Exercisese for Complete Overwhelm
Think of this as emotional first aid. The exercises in this lesson will help you in those critical times when you can't think, feel numb, or just too overwhelmed to deal. 

Lesson Three: Attachment Theory and Safety.
In this lesson we talk about how our own innate capacity for human attachment can help us feel safe and regulated, even if we don't currently have any close relationships in our lives. 

Lesson Four: Building our Resilience Muscle
In this lesson we learn some 'conditioning' exercises that we can do every day to help ourselves become more resilient to stress, help us heal trauma and make our relationships stronger. 

Lesson Five: How to Use this Material Moving Forward. 
The best part about this lesson is a handy PDF chart I made giving recommendations for which exercises are best for which issues. Insomnia? Attachment issue? Trauma Triggers?  I've got suggestions for you! 

The cost for this course is ​​​​​​​ 
Given the extreme circumstances we are living through, you can get half off this course with the code: covid19
I'm also throwing in 4 live Zoom calls during the months of April and May 2020!

What it includes: 

  • Instant access to all 5 Lessons 
  • Each lesson includes an audio and video formats. 
  • Six practical exercises that you can add to your daily repetoir. 
  • Resource lists for additional video, articles and books to dive into. 
  • AND... for this first month only: 4 live zoom calls where you can ask me questions, we can practice some of the exericses together and we can all get some human connection. 

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